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Launch Apps

Developers have been working hard to create or update their apps for Apple Vision Pro. Here's a list of selected apps you might want to try out.

Strap in, cancel your Netflix, and load up some amazing apps!

Prefer to see ALL the apps? There's a great list of supported visionOS apps in this Google doc. Worth a bookmark when you're looking for new ideas.

Productivity & Lifestyle #

Shortcut Buttons - This looks fun! Add shortcuts to locations.

Fantastical - award-winning calendar app with powerful features including intuitive natural language text parsing and more. Check out their Vision Pro launch blog post.

Runestone - A beautiful plain-text editor. I can see myself building websites and blogging with this.

PCalc - James Thompson's powerful scientific calculator will be ready to go at launch.

OmniPlan - Bringing project management timelines to the Vision Pro. Check out their blog post.

Finalist - Daily / monthly planner to keep track of life.

Söka - Manage your bucket lists and set new goals.

Fin - Budget Tracker - A beautiful budget app with interesting 3D-lit bar charts.

Crouton - Beautiful recipe manager and meal planner.

J.Crew - Fashion shopping.

Focus - Pomodoro time-tracking app for productivity.

Moosti - Attractive pomodoro / mindfulness app.

Subjects - Easily manage school subjects and schedules.

Great White Board - A minimalist, fun shared whiteboard experience.

Bezel - Device Mirroring - Mirror your iPhone in full detail as a 3D model. More info here.

Voice Pen - Avoid the built-in keyboard with this excellent transcription app that uses AI to improve accuracy.

Music #

Spatial Symphony - Create custom soundscapes with hand-controlled music synthesis.

djay - Virtual decks and mixing optimised for an immersive experience.

Piano: Flowing Tiles - Guided piano playing in AR.

LongPlay - Rediscover, enjoy and organise your album collection.

Spool - Create visuals for your music.

Health #

Complete HeartX - Explore how the heart works.

VibeScape - Immersive meditation with unique locations. Check out the blog post.

Lungy - A deeply beautiful breathing app that applies a little medical rigor.

Coachy - Bodyweight fitness workouts.

Sports #

PGA Tour Vision - Experience golf like never before.

NBA - Live scores and insights on basketball stuff.

MLB - Live baseball and on-demand.

ESPN - Live sports and scores.

Discovery+ - TV show streaming.

Crunchyroll - Anime streaming.

Cricket Scores Live Matches - Cricket stats and live streams.

Entertainment #

Disney+ - All the usual Disney content including 3D movies, custom environments and more.

Play - Save videos to watch later.

Education #

Study Snacks - Playful learning.

Memorii - Flashcards for learning Chinese hanzi, Japanese kanji, and Korean hangul.

Games #

Game Room - A collection of tabletop games in an immersive environment.

What the Golf - Quirky golf game. Check the Vision Pro promo video.

Cut the Rope - Cute physics-based puzzler.

Demeo - Tabletop RPG simulator.

Ploppy Pairs - A colorful fun memory game.

Void-X - A bullethell game with interesting particle effects.

Steam Link - Play your Steam library on a massive virtual screen.

Gametrack - Track and share your gaming life.

Kattam - Not sure yet but should be a game available at launch. Check back for details.

Developer tools #

TelemetryDeck - Privacy-first visitor tracking. Check out the TelemetryDeck Vision Pro blog post.

Spatial Effects - A particle emitter playground. Step into a world where your imagination comes to life with Spatial Effects!

Bento|Craft - Create beautiful promotional artwork to highlight your app's features.

Other Stuff #

Widgetsmith - Create a personal experience with a wide range of widgets.

JigSpace - Explore 3D objects.

Voice in a Can - Virtual Alexa assistant.

Carrot Weather - A crazy-powerful (and privacy-conscious) weather app.

Mercury Weather - A fun and beautiful weather app.

Plant Daddy - The mod­ern, cute little place to keep track of your plants’ needs.

Navi - Subtitles & Translation - Adds transcriptions to Facetime calls through SharePlay. See the demo video here.

Night Sky - See what's above you. I'm really looking forward to what this could bring.

Quiet - A content blocker to reclaim your Safari browsing experience. Read the Vision Pro blog post here.

Ocean Chill - Relaxing ocean vibes.

Got any others? #

If you hear of a cool app you'd like me to add to this or the next roundup, let me know.